Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The information on this site is provided as a community service and has been collected from a number of sources, individuals, and organizations and is offered on a “best intentions” basis.  While we have tried to check all postings with driving experts and verify information in driving text books, Teendriving.com and its creators makes no claims to its accuracy or completeness and assumes no liability for information posted to teendriving.com. Teendriving.com makes no representation and offers no warranty in regards to the accuracy, completeness, or safety of the contents of information on the website.  You should always check driving information with your local driving authorities, parents, and driving instructors. In no event shall Teendriving.com, its creators, directors, or employees be liable for any damages including general, direct, or consequential damages, losses, costs, charges, demands, or claims for lost profits or expenses of any kind or any claims of negligence.

Reprint Policy

All material on Teendriving.com is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted, copied, or excerpted without our permission. You cannot include our material on any other website, blog, or social media site, in email, or in print without our written permission.  If you want to use information from our site in other publications electronic or print or as part of courses, you must email us and ask permission. We do work with the press to allow some tips to be used in articles, but you must get our permission to use the material.


In order to post questions or answers in the Get Answers section on teendriving.com, a user must first complete the registration form to create a profile. You must be 13 years or older to register on the site.  During registration a user is required to give certain information (such as name and email address). This information is used to contact you about the products/services on our site in which you have expressed interest. At your option, you may also provide demographic information (such how long you have been driving) about yourself, but it is not required.