Staying Safe, Staying at Home

It’s a challenging time for teens as well as adults with the country fighting the virus and feels like someone has put up a big STOP sign on our lives. Many places still have stay at home, or safer at home mandates in place. Others are gradually opening up. Social distancing, wearing masks, washing up frequently are some ways that we can protect ourselves and others–especially those we love.

Some states have suspended all non-essential local and government services including drivers licensing testings and services. Check with your state DMV to see if they are open or have an alternate online way to apply. If your state has lifted stay at home orders and you already have your learner’s license, you can use this time to practice your driving and study for your test and there may be less traffic. There will come a time when you will be able to take your test and get your license. Take care and be safe.

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