New Driving Laws

Check your state's new driving laws for 2018.

Check with your state about new laws that impact new drivers. Below are some highlights from around the country.

Washington State—the grace period for distracted driving laws is over in Jan. Remember it’s now illegal using cell phones, tablets, video games, or even laptops. First offense is $136, 2nd is $234. Also, if you’re pulled over, and caught doing other distracting activity such as grooming, smoking or even eating, you may get a %99 ticket. So be aware.

In Tennessee, it is illegal to use a hand-held cellphone or device in an active school zone—and drivers under 18 aren’t allowed to use hands-free devices either. Fine is $50.

Arizona minors won’t be able to use a phone while driving during the first 6 months of either a learner’s or a driver’s license.

In California, it’s now illegal to smoke pot and drive—and consume edible marijuana—and this applies to passengers in the car, too. recommends that you do not drink or use any drugs while driving.

North Carolina has a new law and updated Driver’s Handbook to let drivers know how to pull over and interact with law enforcement if they see a patrol car’s blue light signaling them to stop. The new law also includes a minimum of six hours of anti-drinking and driver’s education. Louisiana has also added new content to their driving education requirements that covers appropriate driver conduct when stopped by a police office.

Maryland – In case you missed it, back in October 2017 a law was passed that banned fuzzy dice or any other “object, material, or obstruction hanging from the rear view mirror.”

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