Buying a Safe Car for Your Teen

In many families, if teens get a car, they end up with the oldest, most beat-up one in the household.  Or if they save up to buy a used car, it’s 6-10 years old and a smaller model.   While less expensive, this option might not be the safest choice for teens.  The Institute for Highway Safety has compiled a list of best choices and good choices for a safe used car for teens.  In the last few years many cars have added great safety features like back-up cameras, side camera, ESC Electronic stability control, larger mirrors, collision warning, lane watch, and more.  In general, heavier cars had better safety crash ratings than lighter ones—and no mini cars made the list.  So do your homework and get the car with the best safety rating and features that you can afford.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Vehicles for Teens

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